Three Ways to Create Quality Content

When it comes content, sometimes, it becomes hard to explain the “quality”. There could be different understandings for brands and the customers when we talk about quality. Hence, sometimes, it becomes difficult to strike a balance to attain that much-needed quality. To quote, Doug Kessler, co-founder of Velocity: “Quality content resonates with its audience. If it doesn’t do that, it may be smart or beautiful or funny, but it ain’t quality.” And I completely agree to what Doug says. The quality of the content should depend on how users interact and respond to it.

There are different aspects associated with the content quality. For example, what value it gives to the users, is it addressing buyers’ concerns or not and the list continues. While agreeing to all the above mentioned points, it really seems difficult challenge for the marketers to achieve that quality on regular basis. And besides what suits to one person may not be the ideal for other.

Here are some useful tips to create quality and useful content.

Competition Research: Content is one of the ideal ways to stand out from the competition. Today, the technology has fueled competition in every sector, hence forcing businesses find ways to be creative and unique in the crowded market place. Content can really help marketers to get competition advantage. Know your competition well to leverage the gaps. Also, know your customers well to address their concerns, understand their buying persona and use content to encourage deeper engagement.

Transparency: According to Forbes, 62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, they are more likely to become a loyal customer. This proves that customers wants a brand which understands them and be with them at every step. This also means a brand which is clear and precise with the content and has no hidden agenda wins the battle. 

Content Segmentation: When any content is created, it needs to addresses to a specific audience. If its’ not, then it’s a complete waste of efforts and time. The best way is to segment your content for different audience. This content segmentation will definitely serve the purpose. 


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