Social Media & Customer Service

How do you really define customer service?

Or how can a brand be successful with customer service?

When customers buy or intend to buy, there are lot of factors that affect their decision. Apart from the price and availability, the customers would also be interested to know how the brand will reciprocate their queries or issues and how will the brand reward their loyalty. The answers to these questions largely depend on how type of customer service the brand delivers. Traditionally, brands have been investing huge in introducing newer versions of their customer service. From telecallers to online chat, these ways aim at addressing customers' issues in shortest possible time. 

In recent times, social media has emerged the preferred destination for delivering efficient customer service. Especially, platforms like Facebook has become the effective medium to drive valuable customer service. Tools like Facebook Messenger and Chatbot have taken the customer service to the next level.

According to the platform itself, it intends to become the new Yellow Pages by ensuring high quality and easy communication between brands and users. This intention signals towards empowering users with more and more communication opportunities with the brands. This would also simplify for the users to find answers to their queries in the simplest possible manner. 

No doubt, with the user base of 2 billion, Facebook is the most preferred social platform for the brands and the way it is revitalizing the customer interactions, definitely, it would lead the way for a longer time. 

Over the years, Facebook has revolutionize the ways how customers interact with the brands. Addition of private messages or setting up response time for the customer queries symbolize the effectiveness of the platform as an effective customer service mechanism.

We all know CRM stands customer relationship mechanism, however, with social media it has become "Customer Service Matters". The success depends on how brands utilize platform like Facebook to drive stable customer service. 


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