Facebook Fan Page and Linked Groups: The Significance for Marketers

Facebook's yesterday's announcement of making Groups for Pages available around the world really holds a great significance for marketers. There are over 70M Pages on Facebook and this development will change the how fans interact with the brands on Facebook. Now Page owners have the capability to create their own linked and dedicated groups to encourage community building and stable conversation mechanism.

As pointed out by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, "more than 100 million people on Facebook are members of what we call "very meaningful" groups." This makes the groups feature one of the significant and popular features of Facebook. This also encourages the platform to make constant improvements to this popular feature. And this development proves it all.

Last month, Facebook also announced some significant improvements to the Groups. From Group insights to Membership request filtering and Removed member clean up to scheduled posting, all these improvements aim at bringing better and stronger user experience.

It would be really interesting to see how the platform take this initiative ahead and come up with some more exciting and interactive improvements for the community. 

How marketers can benefit?

Extended Engagement Opportunity: Now, this page-linked groups brings an extended engagement opportunity for the page owners. This will help page owners to cover different topics and conversations through groups. 

Improved Community Building: Social media is one of the best ways to build gated community for the audience. And Facebook is one of the ideal platforms to do that. Now, with this linked groups, marketers can have improved community building to take the conversation to the next level.

Advantage in Brand Building: This development will also pave the way for stable brand building process. The group conversations will help marketers come up with different ideas that can augment their brand building process.


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