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Some Useful Branding Tips


Facebook Fan Page and Linked Groups: The Significance for Marketers

Facebook's yesterday's announcement of making Groups for Pages available around the world really holds a great significance for marketers. There are over 70M Pages on Facebook and this development will change the how fans interact with the brands on Facebook. Now Page owners have the capability to create their own linked and dedicated groups to encourage community building and stable conversation mechanism.

As pointed out by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, "more than 100 million people on Facebook are members of what we call "very meaningful" groups." This makes the groups feature one of the significant and popular features of Facebook. This also encourages the platform to make constant improvements to this popular feature. And this development proves it all.

Last month, Facebook also announced some significant improvements to the Groups. From Group insights to Membership request filtering and Removed member clean up to scheduled posting, all these improveme…

Three Ways to Create Quality Content

When it comes content, sometimes, it becomes hard to explain the “quality”. There could be different understandings for brands and the customers when we talk about quality. Hence, sometimes, it becomes difficult to strike a balance to attain that much-needed quality. To quote, Doug Kessler, co-founder of Velocity: “Quality content resonates with its audience. If it doesn’t do that, it may be smart or beautiful or funny, but it ain’t quality.” And I completely agree to what Doug says. The quality of the content should depend on how users interact and respond to it.
There are different aspects associated with the content quality. For example, what value it gives to the users, is it addressing buyers’ concerns or not and the list continues. While agreeing to all the above mentioned points, it really seems difficult challenge for the marketers to achieve that quality on regular basis. And besides what suits to one person may not be the ideal for other.
Here are some useful tips to creat…

Landing Page: Five Important Tips


Social Media & Customer Service

How do you really define customer service?

Or how can a brand be successful with customer service?

When customers buy or intend to buy, there are lot of factors that affect their decision. Apart from the price and availability, the customers would also be interested to know how the brand will reciprocate their queries or issues and how will the brand reward their loyalty. The answers to these questions largely depend on how type of customer service the brand delivers. Traditionally, brands have been investing huge in introducing newer versions of their customer service. From telecallers to online chat, these ways aim at addressing customers' issues in shortest possible time. 
In recent times, social media has emerged the preferred destination for delivering efficient customer service. Especially, platforms like Facebook has become the effective medium to drive valuable customer service. Tools like Facebook Messenger and Chatbot have taken the customer service to the next level.


Content Repurposing: The Strategy


Content Repurposing: The Benefits


Content Repurposing: Why it is Important?

Content repurposing does not only talk about the use of available content, however, it also focuses on increasing reach and audience base of the marketers. With content repurposing, marketers can stretch a single piece of information into different formats. it is an opportunity to amplify your content into different channels, such as social media, blogging, SEO & videos.
Why there is a need to repurpose your content?
Today, marketers have to deal with a huge amount of data, be it internal or external. Unfortunately, majority of the content go unused and never reach out to the audience. This leads to lot of time and efforts wastage on the parts of the marketers. To highlight the need of the content repurposing: Lack of content strategy (Majority of the content go unused)Too many goals to achieveLack of content strategy leads to content abandonmentToo many content landfillsToo many channels to handleSame size does not fit all
The benefits:
Now, lets talk about the benefits of content …

Social Media Marketing: Five Key Metrics to Monitor


Three Ways to Build Transparency with Social Media

Are you maintaining a transparency in your business?

What ways are you adopting for it?

Transparency is more than a buzzword and holds a great value for any business who wants to build strong brand and stable customer base. Be it internally (employees) or externally (customers), transparency everyone wants to have transparency. Transparency does not only decide how open is your brand, rather how close you are to your customers. It's not just about openness but about how you interact and get along with your customers.
With social media, marketers have found an additional platform to portray their brand transparency. Transparency helps brand build trust and encourage customers to become loyal. As a marketer when you get customers' brand loyalty, you cannot ask anything more than that. According to Forbes, 62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, they are more likely to become a loyal customer. What it proves that customers want to attach to a…

Owned Media v/s Earned Media: How UGC is Placed

As per the research from Altimeter, 70% of marketers lack definite and consistent content strategy. There can be many reasons to it, however, the most common being the lack of resource or expertise. This is the area where small companies fail to compete with the larger brands in content marketing department. This inability to create integrated content strategy pressurizes the whole content creation approach the business has. Most likely, it impacts content creation, understanding buyer personas and overall marketing strategy.
The report also highlights the inability of the marketers to align their actions with the definite strategy. Although, they are aware of their top needs, lack of resources or expertise hinder them to invest in those areas, specially audience identification and targeting.
In a way, content marketing seems to be one of the major challenges that brands face today. When it comes to creating content, different types of media can be utilized to generate value. One is

Content Marketing: Three Simple Ways to Get Successful

Sometimes, too much focus on success takes us away from the simple, yet effective content marketing strategies. This delays the whole adoption approach and sometimes, even makes it confused. Most importantly, it impacts the whole thought process and drives us away from the actual business goals.
Now, coming back to the point, let's focus on the areas that can be really addressed while being simple and consistent. We do have several tools to maintain these areas, however, human touch always makes a difference. These areas are: 1) Engagement 2) Knowledge Sharing & 3) Consistency.
1) Engagement: When it comes to content marketing, engagement should be the prime objective of any marketer. How to drive customer engagement on different platforms with content is the primary question to be answered. The simplest way to deliver effective customer engagement is to solve customers' queries through effective content delivery. It can be in terms of blogs, Q&As, website content or a…