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Twitter Chat: Best Way to Educate & Engage Audience

We all know social media has changed the way how marketers interact with customers. Be it LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Fan Pages or Twitter Chats, the focus is always on initiating broader and better conversations. If you all at these three entities, they all belong to different categories, however, they have one thing in common - group conversations. 
Personally, I am a great fan of Twitter Chats, as they give me a platform to interact with new people, and talk about new topics. Finally, it adds to my knowledge gain. This comes from the users' perspective, from the marketers' perspective, Twitter Chat is the best way to educate and engage audience. 

Twitter Chat is the great way to create dedicated social community, for ex: #NewWayToEngage from IBM and #bufferchat from Buffer App. I have been following these two brands regularly on Twitter and was impressed with the way they handle these communities. New topic every week focusing on something interesting and exciting offer food…

Want Content to Go Viral? Here's What You Can Do

Can you really predict which type of your content will go viral? Any tweet of your or any blog post? Sometimes, it really becomes difficult to estimate your content performance. We really don't know which content type can go viral when and how. However, it does not limit the efforts or the creativity that is required to create a master piece. The overall concept of virality looks little bit accidental, which cannot be planned. Here are certain ideas that can help add value to your content. 1) When any type of content is shared or liked? When an audience feels it connect with it emotionally, your content’s success journey starts from there. Finally, it’s all about human. Whatever you write – a blog, a social media post, video or any tweet – the audience should identify the relation with it. That’s where they try to acknowledge and appreciate it. 2) Apart from emotional connect, it is important that content should trigger some passion or inspiration within the readers. Does your story…

Facebook Fan Page: Five Engagement Tips

Reaching two billion user is definitely a milestone for Facebook and makes the platform preferred choice for marketers who want to spend on digital marketing. Facebook marketing not only helps in achieving business objectives, but also enhances customer engagement. 
Facebook Fan Page is the place marketers should focus more with serious efforts. It's not just about posting text or photos, it's more than that/ It needs to have definite strategy to proceed. Here are five important tips that will help you to make most of your Facebook marketing.
1) Have an authentic identity: While creating a Facebook Fan Page make sure you are real. Adding a recognizable profile picture and creating engaging cover helps users understand and recognize the brand and its value. Authenticity is one of the key factors to be understood and undertaken while creating a presence on any social media presence. Being real or authentic helps brand getting found or liked on the platform. When users find brand…

Content Marketing: Five Important KPIs

How to get most of your content marketing efforts?

Are you really aware of the outcome of your content marketing efforts?

Every marketing activity should have a metric to be measured. Be it SEO, SEM or social media, each activity has its own set of parameters to be tracked. In terms of content marketing, the KPIs (key performance indicators) could be overlapped with all other activities. Hence, it is important to understand and make them relevant to content marketing efforts. 
Here are five important KPIs to be tracked for content marketing.
1) Inbound Links: The best way to analyse the performance of content marketing efforts is to track the number of inbound links coming back to your website. It is very important to understand how users are reacting to your content. Are they liking it? Are they linking back to your website? Do they find you as an authority in the domain? etc...This will help you understand the length and depth of your content.
2) Influence: While talking about metrics…

Four Content Distribution Ideas You Should Try

Are you working on your content distribution strategy?

Do you have a lot of content to share?

As a marketer, we often come across challenges to share our in-house content. In today's marketing world, content comes as a strong inventory, however, it needs to be used with utmost care. This article talks about some of the tips, which can be useful in solving your content distribution challenges. 
1) Have a well-defined plan: For marketer, everything needs to be started with a plan. We cannot work in silos and without having clear do's and don'ts, hence it is advisable to chart out a plan for your content distribution journey. The plan should contain:

a) Identified platforms
b) The frequency
c) The content
d) The audience

Once you identify all these inputs, you would be able to drive stable and precise content distribution to yield better results.

2) Clear Goals: As I mentioned earlier, marketers cannot work in silos. Everything needs to be linked to your goals or KPIs. Once you ar…