User-generated Content: Key to Marketers’ Success

Content is king in today’s marketing. Content plays a major role in shaping customer’s perceptions towards brands. Online or offline, brands are always generating content, such as social media posts, emailers, brochures, blogs, paper ads, advertorials and etc. However, it would be difficult to say how much content the customers are consuming or reacting to. The possibility is that majority of the content can go unnoticed; hence, depreciating marketers’ content efforts.

With so much of content opportunities, marketers need to understand which to use and how to use. Too much content can lead to negative feedback from the customers, as it may lead to spamming. Thus, marketers need to play well with content strategy.

The Need

It would be difficult to comment on customers’ preferences over content. It is preferred marketers should create content to suit customers’ requirements, such as information blogs, FAQs, how-to-videos, and etc. The marketers should play a role of educator through their content delivery. This would help customers to understand brand and form opinion around it.

Considering such scenarios, user-generated content plays an ideal role for both brands and customers. For brands, it serves as a strong testimonial while for customers their feedback matters.

User-generated Content: Tips

But it would be difficult for the marketers to generated UGC. They need to create such opportunities or platforms wherein customers can share their feedback. Here are some tips where brands can create UGC.

  • Reviews: Encourage customers to share their reviews on products or services they use. Brands can use social media to populate such reviews. Brands can also reward customers for sharing their un-biased and original feedback.
  • Contests: Social media contests are the coolest way to generate UGC. Ask customers to participate in small survey or poll or ask them for a tag line, etc. This would help brands gain momentum around it.
  • Testimonial videos: Encourage customers to create and share testimonial videos. Brands can ask customers to share such videos on websites or social media platforms. It would give other users a sense of trust over that brand, besides customers will also be to see them on popular platforms.
  • Reward through referrals: Encourage customers to share referrals on social media platforms. Give them freebies or discounts for doing so. 


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