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User-generated Content: Key to Marketers’ Success

Content is king in today’s marketing. Content plays a major role in shaping customer’s perceptions towards brands. Online or offline, brands are always generating content, such as social media posts, emailers, brochures, blogs, paper ads, advertorials and etc. However, it would be difficult to say how much content the customers are consuming or reacting to. The possibility is that majority of the content can go unnoticed; hence, depreciating marketers’ content efforts.

With so much of content opportunities, marketers need to understand which to use and how to use. Too much content can lead to negative feedback from the customers, as it may lead to spamming. Thus, marketers need to play well with content strategy.

The Need

It would be difficult to comment on customers’ preferences over content. It is preferred marketers should create content to suit customers’ requirements, such as information blogs, FAQs, how-to-videos, and etc. The marketers should play a role of educator through the…