Internal Linking: The SEO Advantage

Are you working on a great SEO strategy?
Do you wish to keep your audience engaged with your website content?

Great content adds value to technical SEO strategies (Meta data, alt tag, etc.) This ensures that you have a precise SEO strategy in place. With Google Algorithm changes focusing more on quality and originality, it is very important to deliver precise and accurate content to your audience. Google is more focused towards rendering quality content pages matching to the user’s search query. If we closely look at this scenario, content has a very larger role to play. Internal linking is an effective way to keep your audience engaged with your website content.

The benefits of interlinking of website pages:
1)      Enables simple website navigation
2)      Helps increasing time on site
3)      Adds to increase in page views
4)      Displays proper content structure
5)    Helps in more conversion
6)      Helps spread link juice around websites
7)      Helps to keep user interest intact


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