Four Ways to Create Social Media Engagement

Are you using your social media channels to create stable engagement opportunities for your customers? If no, you are definitely missing something big in your marketing efforts. I have often seen marketers giving more importance to short-term objectives than long-term goals. Ideally, any marketing activity should focus on creating long-term impact. And to create this long-term impact, you need to engage your customers consistently. 

Today, I am going to write about five important ways that can be utilized to create stable engagement on social media platforms.

1) Be Creative with your Content: Content packaging and positioning is one of the important aspects of marketing efforts. Today, social media platforms have given ample opportunities for marketers to package their content in an attractive manner. Be it simple text, images or videos, marketers can take content liberty to reach out to their target audience.

Your content creativity should not be limited to the presentation of your content. Rather, it should be creative in exploring ideas to reach out to your target audience. This creativity can be in terms of offering freebies, contests ideas, emailers, promotional offers, etc. This means you should also get creative in your messaging on social media.

2) Be Consistent with your Content: There is a thin line between content consistency and content repetition. Every marketer should focus on consistency, not on repetition. If you want customers to be engaged with your social media platforms regularly, deliver content on a consistent basis. Let there be a reason and opportunity for customers to get engaged with your content. Even, if you are offering either of them, you can expect good returns in term of customer engagement. Be it Facebook, Twitter or any other platform utilize them enough to generate regular content.

3) Encourage Customer-generated Content: Are you encouraging or rewarding your customers to generate content on your social platforms. If not, please start doing it. It is very important for marketers to involve customers into their marketing efforts. If you are not involving your customers, you are missing important opportunities to generate business. Customer-generated content often results into increasing engagement on social platforms. 

4) Be Humanized: This aspect is very very important. How does your brand appeal to customers and how customers react to it is very important. When I say humanized your marketing efforts, it means make human an integral part of your marketing efforts. Try to highlight human values, emotions through your marketing efforts. You need to create that 'personal' touch in your marketing efforts.This humanization will not only result in engagement, but also give you long-lasting customer loyalty.


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