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Email Marketing: How to Increase Opt-ins?

Email marketing is one of the ideal ways to reach out to reach target audience in bulk. However, marketers can get better results, if they can enable their target audience to subscribe to their mailing list. Permission-based email marketing is always better when it comes to marketing ROI. However, the test lies in encouraging audience to subscribe to the newsletter. Here are certain ways that can help marketers to build email marketing list.
1) Offer freebies: The best way to build email list is by offering incentives or freebies. Company website or social media platforms are very effective medium for this kind of strategy. The logic is to convert your existing website visitors or fans/followers into email subscribers. Especially, if you have an e-commerce website, you can definitely add to your email list by offering incentives to your website users. One way is to offer discounts to your visitors/fans on their next purchase. This way, you are not only building your email list, but ar…

Four Ways to Create Social Media Engagement

Are you using your social media channels to create stable engagement opportunities for your customers? If no, you are definitely missing something big in your marketing efforts. I have often seen marketers giving more importance to short-term objectives than long-term goals. Ideally, any marketing activity should focus on creating long-term impact. And to create this long-term impact, you need to engage your customers consistently. 
Today, I am going to write about five important ways that can be utilized to create stable engagement on social media platforms.
1) Be Creative with your Content: Content packaging and positioning is one of the important aspects of marketing efforts. Today, social media platforms have given ample opportunities for marketers to package their content in an attractive manner. Be it simple text, images or videos, marketers can take content liberty to reach out to their target audience.

Your content creativity should not be limited to the presentation of your c…

Social Media: Encourage Customers to Create Social Proofs

I have always believed that social media marketing is a referral marketing. To succeed, in this kind of marketing space, marketers need to create ample opportunities to enable their customers to showcase social referrals. Any kind of reward would provide an ideal back-up for this kind of marketing strategy.
What makes social referrals unique?
Today's customers are techno-savvy. Before making any buying decision they tend to search for company information, product review or customers' feedback. Their final decision to buy the product is largely depended on the opinion they form after going through available product information. Instead of spending hours on company website to read product information they are more interested in reading live experience of customers. In such scenario, your customer testimonials available on different platforms form a major part of your lead generation program.

We have often seen marketers add customer testimonials on their website. However, testi…