Social Media: What Customers Should Expect?

For me, social media marketing is all about creating stable and consistent customer relationship. This objective has to be the center of any social media marketing strategy. In this article, I am going to write about takeaways that customers should expect from brands through their social media strategy.

1) Customer Engagement: The first and foremost is the customer engagement. Undoubtedly, this has to be the ultimate objective of any social media strategy. Through social media, marketers, now, have an extended opportunity to streamline and speed up their customer engagement process. This has brought customers to the center stage of the marketing strategies of marketers. Hence, customers should stick with the brands that are committed to customer engagement.

2) Consistent Customer Communication: Communication is an integral part of the marketing strategy. Traditionally, marketers depended on emails, news papers, radio or TV to reach out to their customers. Now, with social media, marketers have an enhanced mode of communication and that too very consistent. Customers can now expect, and should demand, consistent communication from the brands. Be it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform, customers can now expect stable and consistent communication from the brands.

3) Improved CRM: No business can succeed without stable customer relationship management (CRM) process. Businesses have invested lots of money in implementing stable CRM mechanism to keep customers happy. However, with social media, now they can do it for free. Hence, customers have an added advantage of using social media to demand effective and efficient customer service from their brands.

4)  Authenticity: Social media has added an additional level of authenticity to the presence of brands. The active social consumers can now expect brands to be more authentic and genuine by connecting with them on social platforms. They can monitor brand behavior on social media before making any decision to connect with them.


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