Human Factor and Social Media

Today, most of us are talking about the advancements that are taking place in social media. Be it social media platforms or tools, we are more bothered about the numbers and so called, marketing ROI. I do accept that we all are doing social media marketing for returns, however, the cause of concern is the focus on short term goals. Here the question arises, Why can't we focus on long-term objectives?

For me, the real essence of social media lies in the "human" factor. We are looking out for tools that can automate or schedule our activities, however, we are not ready to make our efforts "personal". We're not ready to spend hours in developing and maintaining the "engagement" aspect of social media.

Now, the need has come to maintain balance between numbers and the human factor. Go for the longer objectives and do away with the short term goals. Let there be more emphasis on what you share and why you share. Do not make sharing a monotonous activity, let's make it an interesting entity of your social media presence. 


  1. Great point. In many instances, social media sharing has become more of a task or monologue rather than engaging with others - which is the real purpose.


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