Four Concepts For Building A Brand That People Trust

Branding is not just about creating an image in front of your target audience, it’s more than that. It’s about delivering trust to your target audience through available marketing channels. Over the years, businesses are using various platforms, such as TV, print, Radio and billboards, to be in front of their audience always. Now with social media, marketers have got an additional opportunity to navigate through the minds of their customers.

Branding is like creating psychological effect on the minds of the customers. The idea is to keep customers close to the brand in every possible way.

The branding approach may defer marketer to marketer, however, there are certain ideas or concepts that should remain constant for all.

These are:

Be Simple: Branding has really moved on with the emergence of social media. It has come out of the board rooms to be discussed and measured openly. It is no longer required marketing jargons, but a simple humanized approach to stay connected to your target audience. Let’s simplify your brand and add convenience to the whole process. It’s all about customers, not about you.

Be Reliable: Often, customers tend to go with the brands that are reliable in the market. When initiating a stable branding strategy, every marketer should keep this in mind. By reliability, it means consistency in solving customers’ problems and consistency in reaching out to the customers. Reliability is one of the key factors that help marketers initiate and stabilize effective product positioning in the market.

Be Realistic: For me, branding is all about truth. It’s very important for marketers to showcase true picture of their business to the customers. Any unhidden marketing agenda may dent the long-term marketing objectives. Your realistic approach towards customers and market will help you build brand loyalty and improved conversion opportunities. The consistent conversation marketing will help you in this whole process.

Be Stable: Along with the reliability comes stability. This factor is effective when it comes to market competition. Customers tend to favour those brands which are stable. By stability, we mean ability to deliver constant market results and customer services.

Branding is not just about showcasing your products/services, it’s about simplifying the process which helps customers to connect with your company.

Social Media & Branding:

Today, branding is about customers, it’s about engagement, it’s about conversation, and moreover, it’s about consistency. Delivering consistence branding message is of utmost importance in today’s competitive market. Marketers need to make use of social media platforms and content to create competitive advantage in the market.

Engagement is the heart, soul and mind of social media marketing. Social media has given both marketers and customers plenty of opportunities to initiate a process where customers can know brands, and brands can know their customers. This to-and-fro process establishes a healthy dialogue between brands and customers, helping customers make financial decisions. Hence, engagement lies at the core of economics associated with the social media marketing.

A good branding strategy is a mix of relevance and influence. This relevance and influence can only be achieved with precise content. Content precision and consistency help marketers generate positive customer feedback. And customer feedback is key to self-improvement.

With social media marketing, marketers have enough opportunities to derive stable branding experience for their customers. However, the significance lies in utilizing these opportunities to the precision.

Don’t Move Away from your Ultimate Objective:

Customers need brands that offer commitment to them. They are really not interested in ‘one-night stands’ offered by the mundane marketing activities. They demand a sustained engagement process delivered through stable conversation process. Marketers have to portray engagement through their marketing messages to give confidence to the customers for buying their products and services.

I have often seen marketers determine the success of social media strategies on the basis of numbers. Although numbers form a crucial part of the strategy, they are not the end objective. As social platforms are focusing more user experience and stability, marketers with the number tendency have finding it difficult.

I personally believe, social media marketing is for the people who are aware of their long term objectives and are prepared to spend sizable time to achieve those objectives. This is where your soul “engagement” comes into the picture. Social media marketing is all about delivering stable and consistent customer experience. And to do that engagement is the key.

At a broader level, engagement becomes your key deliverable. All other aspects fall behind it. If you are aiming at engagement, then whatever is the platform, whichever is the technology, you will find things falling into the place as per your demand.


Modern day marketing is no longer a monologue. Now, customers call for a consistent conversation or dialogue with the brands to get more out of their purchasing power. Brands have to be there when customers want them. For me, the prime objective of branding needs to be deliver engagement and allow customers to openly interact with the brands. When you add a human touch to your branding process, the entire thing automatically gets converted into a personalized phenomenon.


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