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Twitter Marketing: Some Useful Tips

What makes any platform unique is its functionality. Today, we have several social platforms that have something special for their users. Twitter is one such platform that has really evolved to offer much-needed user experience.

Over the years, Twitter has been experimenting with features that can make the platform user-friendly. If used properly, this platform can really be influential in generating good marketing response. 
Here are some tips to get maximum from your Twitter marketing.
1) Be consistent with content creation 2) Do not self-hype 3) Educate your audience over your products and services 4) Increase use of hashtags 5) Follow as many as people you can on Twitter
6) If possible, use sponsored tweets or Twitter advertising
7) Use Twitter chat
8) Schedule your tweets for special occasions
9) Use as many as images you can
10) Ask people to re-tweet your tweets, ask them to use hashtags
11) Never miss any opportunity to interact with the people who follow, re-tweet or use your hashtags

Social Media: What Customers Should Expect?

For me, social media marketing is all about creating stable and consistent customer relationship. This objective has to be the center of any social media marketing strategy. In this article, I am going to write about takeaways that customers should expect from brands through their social media strategy.

1) Customer Engagement: The first and foremost is the customer engagement. Undoubtedly, this has to be the ultimate objective of any social media strategy. Through social media, marketers, now, have an extended opportunity to streamline and speed up their customer engagement process. This has brought customers to the center stage of the marketing strategies of marketers. Hence, customers should stick with the brands that are committed to customer engagement.

2) Consistent Customer Communication: Communication is an integral part of the marketing strategy. Traditionally, marketers depended on emails, news papers, radio or TV to reach out to their customers. Now, with social media, market…

Four Concepts For Building A Brand That People Trust

Branding is not just about creating an image in front of your target audience, it’s more than that. It’s about delivering trust to your target audience through available marketing channels. Over the years, businesses are using various platforms, such as TV, print, Radio and billboards, to be in front of their audience always. Now with social media, marketers have got an additional opportunity to navigate through the minds of their customers.

Branding is like creating psychological effect on the minds of the customers. The idea is to keep customers close to the brand in every possible way.

The branding approach may defer marketer to marketer, however, there are certain ideas or concepts that should remain constant for all.

These are:

Be Simple: Branding has really moved on with the emergence of social media. It has come out of the board rooms to be discussed and measured openly. It is no longer required marketing jargons, but a simple humanized approach to stay connected to your target au…

Human Factor and Social Media

Today, most of us are talking about the advancements that are taking place in social media. Be it social media platforms or tools, we are more bothered about the numbers and so called, marketing ROI. I do accept that we all are doing social media marketing for returns, however, the cause of concern is the focus on short term goals. Here the question arises, Why can't we focus on long-term objectives?
For me, the real essence of social media lies in the "human" factor. We are looking out for tools that can automate or schedule our activities, however, we are not ready to make our efforts "personal". We're not ready to spend hours in developing and maintaining the "engagement" aspect of social media.
Now, the need has come to maintain balance between numbers and the human factor. Go for the longer objectives and do away with the short term goals. Let there be more emphasis on what you share and why you share. Do not make sharing a monotonous activi…

How to Use Email Marketing for Lead Generation

Personally, email marketing is one of my favorite channel for lead generation. Email marketing not only establishes direct connect with the end-user, but also enables improved engagement opportunities. Nowadays, I have seen marketers using bulk marketing techniques. In some circumstances, it may generate desired results, however, I strongly believe permission-based email marketing is authentic and targeted.
With permission-based email marketing, marketers can improve overall ROI of their marketing efforts, as they are sending information to those users who have asked for it. In a way, they are directly communicating with their potential customers. Here, other stats like bounce rate, CTR or cost per conversion will always be high. 

Here are some important aspects that need to be consider for using email marketing for lead generation.
1) Use Opt-in Method: Never send emails to unknown database. Even if you get response through it, the marketing ROI will always be low. Instead, create …

How to Use Social Media Platforms for Lead Generation?

We all are trying to find an ideal answer to this question. I have been writing on social media for a long time now and I wish to thank all my readers for supporting me. Today, I am writing on a subject that has been handled by so many social media bloggers now. This article will list some important and useful tips that can be used to enhance lead generation from social media marketing efforts.


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Use of Twitter chatExplore paid option Consistent content sharing Ask questions to followers to get more ideas directly from the customersPossible use of promoted tweets on certain occasionsFind a chance to survey followers Increase opportunities for content re-tweet

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Create fresh content or explore conte…