Social Media: A Marketing Dialogue

Modern day marketing is no longer a monologue. Now, customers call for a consistent conversation or dialogue with the brands to get more out of their purchasing power. They are now more concerned about the ROI for the money they are spending to buy products or services. They want marketers to be available 24/7 to answer their calls or queries for better user experience. Better the user experience better the brand loyalty. Hence, marketers can no longer confined themselves with routine and mundane customer services. 
In this scenario, social media has come like a breath of fresh air for the marketers. Through social media, marketers can now get instant feedback (be it criticism or praise) about the products or services they are offering to the customers. These platforms have reduced the turn-around time between the marketers and customers. 

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have gained immense popularity in this whole process. Through Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, customers can now instantly exchange their views with the marketers. 

If we have to summarize the benefits of this ‘marketing dialogue’ initiated by the social media platforms, then it would be:

1) Improved customer response mechanism
2) Better customer retention
3) Improved brand loyalty
4) Streamlined and quick customer communication
5) Constant flow of information sharing

These attributes call for more use of social media platforms to be in touch with the customers. Marketing is no longer about just selling or promotion, today’s customer demands engagement and customer loyalty from brands. And social media is an ideal way to do it. 


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