Four Tips for Enhanced Lead Generation

Be it traditional way or online way, lead generation process has always been close to the hearts of the marketers. With changing times and platforms, marketers have changed their attitude and strategies to initiate and stabilize effective lead generation process. From newspaper to radio and billboards to television, marketers have been playing with different ideas of lead generation. With social media, they have found a simple, yet powerful mechanism of lead generation.

Compared to other traditional modes, the biggest advantage that social media offers is the reduced turn-around time for any response. This offers a win-win situation for both marketers and customers to get best out of their delivered efforts.

The right place to decide any marketing strategy is at the other side of the table. Think like a marketer and act like a publisher.

Let’s discuss some useful tips that can add value to the overall lead generation process.

Talk about benefits:  As a marketer it is important to showcase benefits that are offered to the end-customers. Rather than self-promotion shouting, customers are more interested in understanding benefits of that particular product or services. They need to understand how it can help them getting better.

Portray engagement: Customers need brands that offer commitment to them. They are really not interested in ‘one-night stands’ offered by the mundane marketing activities. They demand a sustained engagement process delivered through stable conversation process. Marketers have to portray engagement through their marketing messages to give confidence to the customers for buying their products and services.

Deliver values: With social media, customers have become more interested in values offered by the marketers. It’s not only about products and services, but they demand more than that. They need serious commitment from the marketers’ towards customers.

Be informative: Those days have gone when marketers can achieve their sales numbers with their lifeless self-promotion messages. With changing times, customers have now become more responsible towards their money and demand improved ROI. 


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  2. Lead generation is the crucial aspect of online marketing strategies. With social media, marketers have an additional tool to generate leads.This article really helps understand techniques that can be used for lead generation through social media.

  3. Beside lead generation other marketing ideas using virtual tours and 360 photography can also be considered for good marketing.

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