Engagement: The Soul of Social Media Marketing

Your soul determines your character, your character determines your attitude and your attitude determines your personality. If the soul is pure, your character and attitude will help your personality to grow and mature. This growth and maturity will help you sustain challenges and be victorious against all odds. Your soul will help you adjust in any given situation and make changes according to the situation. But how all this is going to be related to social media marketing? Is there any connection of the said statement with the social media marketing? Yes, definitely. If the soul of your social media marketing is pure, you will be able to achieve your goals against any challenges using any mediums.

Over the period of time, social media platforms have evolved. This evolution has come in terms of the technology updates, security, and etc. This has led marketers to make necessary changes to cope with these changes while maintaining user experience. This really is a big challenge for all the marketers. 

I have often seen marketers determine the success of social media strategies on the basis of numbers. Although numbers form a crucial part of the strategy, they are not the end objective. As social platforms are focusing more user experience and stability, marketers with the number tendency have finding it difficult. 
I personally believe, social media marketing is for the people who are aware of their long term objectives and are prepared to spend sizable time to achieve those objectives. This is where your soul “engagement” comes into the picture. Social media marketing is all about delivering stable and consistent customer experience. And to do that engagement is the key. 

At a broader level, engagement becomes your key deliverable. All other aspects fall behind it. If you are aiming at engagement, then whatever is the platform, whichever is the technology, you will find things falling into the place as per your demand.


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