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Four Tips for Enhanced Lead Generation

Be it traditional way or online way, lead generation process has always been close to the hearts of the marketers. With changing times and platforms, marketers have changed their attitude and strategies to initiate and stabilize effective lead generation process. From newspaper to radio and billboards to television, marketers have been playing with different ideas of lead generation. With social media, they have found a simple, yet powerful mechanism of lead generation.
Compared to other traditional modes, the biggest advantage that social media offers is the reduced turn-around time for any response. This offers a win-win situation for both marketers and customers to get best out of their delivered efforts.
The right place to decide any marketing strategy is at the other side of the table. Think like a marketer and act like a publisher.
Let’s discuss some useful tips that can add value to the overall lead generation process.
Talk about benefits:  As a marketer it is important to show…

Social Media: A Conversational PR Mechanism

Public relations or PR have always been the core of business strategy. The primary objective of any PR activity is to keep target audience informed and updated. Traditionally, businesses hire PR agencies to handle all their PR responsibilities, such as events, PR, media relations, etc. With the emergence of social media, PR agencies have got an additional tool to publicize their client’s achievements and developments. Now, the question arises can social media overpower the traditional PR activities? 
According to me, the answer is yes. Definitely, they can. The biggest advantage that social media offers to this PR domain, according to me, is the ability to add “conversation” value to the whole process. It has reduced the turn-around time between businesses and target audience to streamline the marketing communications process. 
While using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, businesses, through PR agencies, are widening the scope of their PR activities. Be it a product laun…

Social Media: Simple is Beautiful

Marketers have been trying several techniques to get success with their social media efforts, and keep that success stable and constant. In this whole process, sometimes, things get complicated and saturated. The objective is to make the whole process all-inclusive and easy to understand. The constant flow of engagement has to be ensured and explored. Be it on any platform, the idea is to present a neat, subtle and stable presentation of business services or products. 
Yes, it is understood to move along with space and pace, however, it is not understood to move away from the natural objective, i.e. engagement. The more the process is simple to follow and understand the more is the success. Let’s keep the things simple.

Content is an ideal way to achieve this simplicity. Let your content evoke communication and engagement process that customers wanted to know their brands and companies. Let there be an opportunity for customers to convert your marketing message into a full-fledged co…

Engagement: The Soul of Social Media Marketing

Your soul determines your character, your character determines your attitude and your attitude determines your personality. If the soul is pure, your character and attitude will help your personality to grow and mature. This growth and maturity will help you sustain challenges and be victorious against all odds. Your soul will help you adjust in any given situation and make changes according to the situation. But how all this is going to be related to social media marketing? Is there any connection of the said statement with the social media marketing? Yes, definitely. If the soul of your social media marketing is pure, you will be able to achieve your goals against any challenges using any mediums.

Over the period of time, social media platforms have evolved. This evolution has come in terms of the technology updates, security, and etc. This has led marketers to make necessary changes to cope with these changes while maintaining user experience. This really is a big challenge for al…

Social Media: Value Content, Get Engagement

From beginning to end, social media marketing is all about engagement. It is not just a promotional tool, it is a tool to build conversation to drive engagement. When we say engagement, what do we mean? We mean, a constant process of dialogue happening between marketers and customers. This may be in any form, however, the objective is to stay closer to your target audience. And how can this engagement be achieved? The answer lies with the consistency and stability of content delivery. Content is the king in social media. It can be delivered in any form, posts, videos, images, etc. important is to take the marketing message to the customers.

Think like a marketer and act like a publisher. Yes, exactly, this has to be the motto of today’s marketers. Nowadays, customers do not endorse self-hype or shouting, they demand a stable, consistent and effective conversation and engagement process. To achieve this, content is the highly qualified medium.

Just do not focus on the sharing purpose,…

Social Media: A Marketing Dialogue

Modern day marketing is no longer a monologue. Now, customers call for a consistent conversation or dialogue with the brands to get more out of their purchasing power. They are now more concerned about the ROI for the money they are spending to buy products or services. They want marketers to be available 24/7 to answer their calls or queries for better user experience. Better the user experience better the brand loyalty. Hence, marketers can no longer confined themselves with routine and mundane customer services.  In this scenario, social media has come like a breath of fresh air for the marketers. Through social media, marketers can now get instant feedback (be it criticism or praise) about the products or services they are offering to the customers. These platforms have reduced the turn-around time between the marketers and customers. 
Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have gained immense popularity in this whole process. Through Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, customers c…

Social Media: Communication Simplified

In this competitive world, the real strength lies in consistent and stable flow of communications. Be it internal or external, it is critical to ensure sustained flow of information sharing within the groups. Be it marketing or keeping employees informed, businesses have to look out for new ways to keep the process consistent and interesting. Traditionally, we have seen the use of print advertisements, radio announcements or internal email newsletters to keep external and internal audience up to date. However, with the emergence of social media, this picture is changing rapidly.
To keep customers intact and employees happy, businesses need a personal touch. It is not advised to use a universal form of communication for different objectives pertaining to different target audience. The real objective of any communication is to evoke response from the targeted audience. And if the response is generated instantly, then it opens the doors for sustained and stable engagement process. Some…