Landing Page: Some Useful Tips

For me, landing page serves as a home page for any visitor who does not know about your company and business. An effective and efficient landing page helps create stable and powerful first-time visitor experience. There are several factors included to build a precise and comprehensive landing page strategy. These factors play a vital role in getting that much-needed ‘great’ first-hand visitor experience. Let’s have a look at those factors:

This image illustrates all the key factors responsible in generating stable customer experience. To build a successful landing strategy, you need to well-planned and well-managed all these factors to the perfection.

Today, I wish to share some useful tips that can help you build a stable and successful landing page strategy with consideration to all these factors.

1)    Let’s be precise with marketing message: It is very essential for you to precise with your marketing message. This will help you build relevance and influence both to create that much-needed first-time impression. Let the visitor know what you are talking about and why without wasting their time. Your content will be the decisive factor in determining the success of your landing page.

2)    Move your CTA above the page fold: A very simple, yet critical factor for your landing page success. When you make your ‘CTA’ clearly visible and place it above the page fold, your visitor has a clear idea on what he supposed to do on this page. When your CTA is not clearly visible or the visitor has to scroll down the page to see it, then the visitor may lose the interest from your page and will close the tab.

3)    Remove extra navigation: Many of us will contradict this point. However, I strongly believe that when you offer extra navigation on the landing page, it may confuse the visitor. He may navigate away from your landing page to see some other pages from your website. This is not what you want user to do. Hence, let’s keep it straight and simple.

4)    Use of product screenshots: From the design point of view, it is advisable to include some product screenshots or videos on the landing page. This comes as an additional information resource for your visitor.

5)    Thank you page: A very useful and essential factor to measure the success of your landing page. Without ‘Thank you’ page, your landing page strategy is incomplete.

6)    Include product benefits: Instead of product features, use product benefits. Your visitor is more interested in benefits offered to him than product features. This comes as an additional advantage in terms of measuring your ROI.

This is my first blog post in 2014, and I hope you will appreciate it. I will continue with my efforts to deliver quality content and useful tips through my blog. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any assistance.


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