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Social Media: The Conversation Marketing

Engagement is the heart, soul and mind of social media marketing. Social media has given both marketers and customers plenty of opportunities to initiate a process where customers can know brands, and brands can know their customers. This to-and-fro process establishes a healthy dialogue between brands and customers, helping customers make financial decisions. Hence, engagement lies at the core of economics associated with the social media marketing.
Through social channels, which can be used at no cost, customers can now empower themselves with smart buying decisions and can influence other potential customers as well. This influence aspect has forced marketers to focus on relevance, in terms of content, promotion and reach. Marketers, irrespective of their market size, are endorsing social media channels to engage and empower customers for better business outcome.

With social media, customers have now become aware of the mediums that can help them consume better and quality conten…

Checklist for PPC Campaign Success

Several factors go into conceptualize and design a successful PPC campaign. From start to finish, marketers have to be on their toes to get that extra benefit from their PPC campaign. They have to understand each and every perspective they think can add value to their efforts, which makes it very time-consuming and tiring. However, there's a smarter way to do it. I am gonna share a small checklist that can help you optimize your efforts for maximum gain.

1) Understand what your customers are looking for 2) Identify keywords that you can relate with your business and customers 3) Create precise and simple ad text 4) Use CTA within your ad text 5) Have a landing page that can relate to your keywords and ad text 6) Design your landing with clear marketing message 7) Place your CTA above the fold in your landing page 8) Create thank you page to acknowledge customers' efforts 9) Have minimum navigation on your landing page 10) Maintain balance between images and content to deliver…

Social Media and Engagement: An Unconditional Love Affair

Truly, social media and engagement are inseparable and compelling duo. In every successful online marketing  campaign, these two go hand-in-hand. They enjoy reciprocal relationship, which ensures enhanced and stable marketing outcome for marketers. Engagement is the heart and soul of social media marketing. You can use money to buy numbers, however, it cannot buy you engagement. Without engagement, your social media efforts will not have sustainable, consistent and stable outcome. Engagement is a much-needed inventory for anyone in social media who is targeting long-term marketing outcome.

 Social media is all about human, hence, it is essential to humanize the communication delivery to enrich the engagement aspect. Let the customers know that you want serious and consistent engagement with them, rather than just selling intention. Your seriousness and commitment towards engagement will help you garner improved customer attention and stable business outcome.
Most of the times, mark…

Google Adwords: Some Useful Tips

Google Adwords have come out as a handy and important tool in online marketing landscape today. Be it a small marketer or establish brand, every business wants to use this exciting marketing opportunity for maximum results. Be it an organic search or paid search, Google is the king of the web, and marketers want to encash every opportunity provided by Google to reach out to their target audience. There are several factors associated with the success of Adwords campaign, however, in particular, there are three key factors that need extra attention. They are a) Landing Page b) Keywords and c) Ad Text. These three factors play a pivotal role in spearheading your Adwords Campaign to a grand success.

Now, let's talk about these factors in detail.
a) Landing Page: The most crucial factor in the success of your Adwords campaign. If you wish to make most out of your paid campaign, then it is advisable to have precise and well-positioned landing page. Precise in terms of content that addre…

Social Media: A Great Mix of Content and Engagement

Social media marketing is all about content, and will always be. Content takes the center stage when it comes to the successful social media marketing strategy. The engagement flow starts from the content finally reaching the customers in style. Many of us always seem concerned about numbers in social media marketing. They want lots of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and this list goes on. However, for me, it’s about stability and engagement. No doubt, numbers have their own significance in overall social media scenario, but they cannot be set as a benchmark when it comes to success measurement.

Let’s consider it in a way describe in above picture. The social media process starts from the content (step 1). A marketer uses content to reach out to customers (step 2). Then marketer starts a conversation with customers about products and services (step 3). In the period of time, this conversation translates into engagement (step 4), which results into conversion (step 5) for marketers…

Landing Page: Some Useful Tips

For me, landing page serves as a home page for any visitor who does not know about your company and business. An effective and efficient landing page helps create stable and powerful first-time visitor experience. There are several factors included to build a precise and comprehensive landing page strategy. These factors play a vital role in getting that much-needed ‘great’ first-hand visitor experience. Let’s have a look at those factors:
This image illustrates all the key factors responsible in generating stable customer experience. To build a successful landing strategy, you need to well-planned and well-managed all these factors to the perfection.

Today, I wish to share some useful tips that can help you build a stable and successful landing page strategy with consideration to all these factors.

1)    Let’s be precise with marketing message: It is very essential for you to precise with your marketing message. This will help you build relevance and influence both to create that muc…