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SEO: Three Important Aspects

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not just about search results or rankings. It's more than that. SEO helps marketers to portray precise brand message and product picture to their target audience. It is also about customer convenience. By choosing right SEO tags (title, meta description and keywords), marketers help customers find information about concepts or things that are really important for them. Hence, it bridges the gap between information and customers. Today, brands are paying extra attention to their SEO efforts to deliver sustainable online presence. A good SEO effort can always reflect into brand consistency across the web. Hence, it is necessary to look beyond traditional outlook of SEO.
I wish to discuss some important aspects that I find very critical in designing stable and consistent SEO delivery. Let's talk about the broader SEO concept that adds value to the overall online visibility.
1) Brands: It's definitely about brands. Brand visibility paves the…

Social Media and Branding

Branding is not just about your logo, product or company name. It's more than that. The days have gone of monotonous company propaganda. Today's marketer cannot confine himself within traditional promotional ideas, as today's customers demand something special, something extra. We need to think out-of-the-box to reach out to our target audience. The free-flow of information has made customers thought and talked about companies, brands, products, and market competition.Every customer has its own opinion, and social media marketing has provided him/her with opportunities galore to express it. This freedom of expression has made tough for marketers to create a stable branding presence. In social media the definition of branding has gone beyond traditional concepts. 
Today, branding is about customers, it's about engagement, it's about conversation, and moreover, it's about consistency. Delivering consistence branding message is of utmost importance in today's…