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Social Media Tips: Simple, Yet Useful

I have been constantly writing about social media in my blog. Now, it's time to share some more simple, yet useful one-liner tips to help you improve your marketing outcome. These tips will certainly add value to your overall strategy.

a) Be consistent with customer engagement.
b) Keep the branding process precise, but simple. 
c) Implement well-designed content packaging and positioning.
d) Prefer engagement over self-hype.
e) Value add your engagement process with consistency.
f) Personalize and simplify your marketing communication.
g) Remember, social media is not about automation.
h) A perfect combination of relevance and influence is needed.
i) Simplify engagement process with effective content syndication.
j) Create content to communicate

These are some of the useful tips that will definitely generate results. Be it on any platform, or with any tool, these tips will be decisive in shaping your strategy.

Leads or Customers: The Choice is Yours

Very tricky question to respond for every marketer. Choosing between lead generation and customer happiness is always a tight rope walk for marketers. However, the same cannot be neglected. Often, marketing strategy revolves around these two key attributes with their own respective outcomes. It would be essential for every marketer to attain balance between them, and get desired business objectives.
While creating a new marketing campaign, marketers have to undergo stiff exercise to deliver final draft containing strategies and objectives. It is up to marketers to allot necessary importance to all the essential ingredients of successful marketing campaigns. And these two are essential to prepare sustained strategical recipe. 
It is important to differentiate between short term and long term objectives, enabling marketers to choose right mode to deliver marketing message. These objectives define the importance of every single attribute to be included in the goals. 
Generally, it is b…