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Social Media: Content and Brand Consistency

Branding is one of the crucial objectives of any marketing activity. Be it offline or online mode, marketers tend to push their marketing message at every possible level. Compared to the traditional model, online marketing offers marketers a broader scope for branding purpose. 
Content has always been the primary tool for marketers to push their marketing message. In a way, branding is fueled by content delivery. Today, social media has enabled marketers to take their branding identity to the next level through platforms that offer consistent content delivery opportunities. This content consistency, in long run, paves the way for that much-needed brand stability. 
It is a well-known fact that branding requires consistency, credibility and creativity. These three factors hold the key to deliver stable and successful branding identity. Social media has really underscored the significance of content in delivering branding consistency. Now, content can be delivered through multiple chann…