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Relevance and Marketing ROI

The return on investment (ROI) of any marketing activity is largely depends on the campaign relevance. The relevance of target audience, relevance of marketing message, and the content relevance to the audience determine the fruitfulness of any marketing activity. This relevance unfolds into extended customer engagement and enhanced business opportunities.
For any marketer, it's important to analyze and realize the success of his marketing strategies based on their ROI. Traditionally, marketers have been innovating their marketing delivery to get higher returns from their activities. From freebies and promotional schemes, marketers have utilized every single tool to encash their conversion opportunities. 
In social media, relevance has got the enhanced value. Social media allows marketers to connect with their target audience in real-time, hence, the relevance factor becomes dominant. This relevance can be attained through delivering right content to the right audience at the ri…

Social Media: Using Paid Advertising for Lead Generation

Paid advertising has always been the successful tool for marketers towards lead generation. From radio to TV and newspaper to hoardings, marketers have been using this medium to reach out to their target audience. These methods have proven their significance for the marketers by connecting them with their potential buyers.
Marketers have always tried to get hold of their marketing returns through different means, as it becomes very essential to drive business strategies. A correct picture of marketing ROI really paves the way for better decision-making process that results into improved lead generation mechanism.
With social media, marketers have got an additional tool to exercise an improved control over their lead generation and marketing ROI process. Paid advertisements on social media platforms have got bigger and better with time. Be it LinkedIn, Facebook or Google, marketers now have greater control over their marketing spending, and target audience.
It's very interesting to…

Social Media: Content Packaging Matters

Content is the heart, soul, and mind of social media marketing. It's always important to have proper strategy to create, market, position, and present your content to you target audience. In a way, content is the real product to feature on social media platforms. A precise content delivery and positioning helps marketers to stabilize online marketing presence with consistent visibility. 
For any marketing effort, consistency is the biggest attribute. This consistency paves the way for sustainable brand creation and value. Content makes it easier to attain this value creation process. Marketers need to use content as the key driver to push their brands towards their target audience for better visibility.

Social Media Platforms and Content Positioning

Social media platforms have provided marketers with additions tools for effective content delivery. However, it completely depends on marketers to how to use these platforms to reach out to their target audience. Every social media pla…