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B2B Marketing: Social Media Platforms

When you talk about today's B2B marketing, marketers do have some presumptions based on their traditional experiences. Modern social media platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, have provided marketers with ample opportunities to connect with customers. However, using these platforms completely depend on the tactics adopted by these marketers. From company profile on LinkedIn to Facebook business pages, it's opportunities galore.

Social media marketing is all about content, communication and creativity. Be it your company information on LinkedIn, or Facebook fan page design or tabs, content is very vital and crucial. The success of your B2B marketing efforts on these platforms depend on how you market your content.

Your efficient and effective content delivery helps you create stable and popular B2B brand on these platforms. However, the content approach is all together different from that of B2C marketers. Often on these platforms, especially Facebook, B2C marketers hav…

Content and SEO

I was just reading some of the posts talking about 'Google Panda', and it really re-affirmed by faith in good content for ideal SEO practices. I have been the staunch supporter of quality, precise, and topic-related content for online marketing strategies. Be it SEO or SMO, a good content really paves the way for improved online visibility.
Google Panda updates have really influenced the of late SEO techniques to make them appropriate with the effective content strategy. A tropic-driven content not only helps augmenting SERP ranking, but also attaining good readers' faith the website. With enabling readers to block unwanted sites in the search results, Google has really underlined the significance of good and precise content. 
No doubt, industry-related keywords have their own significance in the SEO techniques, and cannot be completely written-off, a user-friendly content is the much-needed ingredient for effective SEO plan.
In other words, the content significance in SEO …