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The Importance of Being 'On-target' in Social Media

For any marketing technique, be it offline or online, it is very essential to be close to your customers. When we say remain close to your customers, it directs at initiating stable and consistent customer management process. Be it your marketing communication or advertisements, you have to be on-target. This 'on-target' attitude can really create wonders for marketers, in terms of business, brand loyalty, and customer trust. Moving with the social media platforms, the more personal form of marketing, has really underscored the significance of staying close to your customers. 
The social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn not only provide marketers with an opportunity to stay on-target, but also presses the need for consistency and innovation in their customer management process. A 140-character tweet, or a Facebook post can really help marketers to go directly in-front of their customers with their brand, product or marketing message. This personalized attent…

Developing Customer Loyalty through Social Media

Establishing customer loyalty, and maintaining it for the long-lasting period is of utmost importance to any marketers. Traditionally, big companies with big budget found it easier develop strong and stable customer relationship, compared to small size businesses. Therefore, big companies always had an upper hand over small businesses when it came to market growth and share.
However, the scenario has been changed now. With the emergence of social media platforms, even small marketers have found it easier to enhance their visibility in front of their customers. This ability has really provided customers with much-needed products and services options. Therefore, it is advantage customers in social media marketing. 
There are certain ways through which big or small marketers can develop and stabilize effective customer loyalty. These opportunities provided by the social media platforms add essence of personalized communication message to the marketing activities. These opportunities are:

Four Tips to Successful Content Marketing

Strong content delivery is the basis of successful social media marketing strategy. From Twitter to Facebook, and Blogging to social bookmarking, content paves the way for influential online marketing activities. In a way, social media marketing is a content marketing. Moreover, content accuracy forms the robust foundation for engaging content marketing process. However, every social media platform has its own content demand and plan of delivery. Hence, it is very essential to anchor influential content marketing strategy to launch powerful social media activities. Here' re some tips to help you deliver successful content marketing.
1. Precision: Every social media platform has its own content demand. Therefore, it becomes very essential to deliver accurate and precise content. Be it Twitter or Facebook, content precision results in increased number of followers and fans. Additionally, this also marks initiation of stable customer engagement and interaction. This preciseness enable…

Social Media Marketing: Seven Golden Rules

I have been talking constantly about ways to make most of your social media marketing campaign. Adding more it, today, I am gonna chart out seven golden rules of social media marketing. These rules will be the key to unlock success for your marketing campaigns.
Here are the rules!
#1. Measure the depth of your target relevance
#2. Analyze your customer response after every social media campaign
#3. Never delay your customer response management process
#4. Add analytical value to your content delivery
#5. Let your marketing communication be informal and two-way
#6. Be consistent in creating customer opportunities
# 7. Deliver what your customer wants
After all, social media marketing is about customers, not brands...Stay tuned for upcoming posts.