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Social Media: Four Tips to Improve Link Building

Link building process is one of the crucial activities for today's online marketers. This activity is not only important from the customers' perspectives, but also delivers significant Google advantage. Traditionally, organizations are using in-house or outsourced search engine optimization (SEO) activities to enhance their online presence. Now, with the emergence of social media, online marketers have got one more additional tool to promote their online presence.Through efficient social media activities, marketers can improve their link building process, enabling them to improve their Google presence. Let's look at some useful tips that can help marketers improve their link building process through social media activities.
1) Consistent Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is one of the premium activities in social media marketing. This not only enables marketers to share their valuable content, but helps them build a much-needed readers' loyalty. Free social bookmar…

Social Media: The Customer Power

Social media marketing is all about customers. Like never before, it has not only strengthened customers' powers, but has given them an extra edge over marketers. This customer-centric approach has really fueled the acceptance of social media as powerful and popular online marketing tool. From Facebook to Twitter, and LinkedIn to Friendfeed, customers have taken the front seat to influence marketers' decision in all perspective.This influence has branded social media marketing as influence marketing. 
This influence has really made customers the king of social media marketing. Nowadays, potential buyers are preferring social media sites like Facebook, Twitter to seek the existing comments or feedback about brands or companies before making any buying decision. And this trend is gaining momentum day-by-day. Such developments are very much essential to underline the significance of customer powers in today's modern marketing. With the emergence of social media, customers have…