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Social Media and Brand Positioning

Social media is primarily a customer tool, hence, it becomes very crucial for organizations to decide brand positioning in the market. Although, marketers can go a step ahead to market their products using social media, they need to keep certain things in mind to avoid customer anger. These things can really decide the future of your brand in the market. Let's quickly go through them:
1) Avoid Repetition: Social media marketing is not about repetition, it's about innovation. I have been constantly hitting hard on maintaining consistency in social media, but it should not be mixed with repetition. Social media has provided marketers with a pool of networking and connecting opportunities, therefore, it becomes very crucial for marketers to use them smartly. Innovation is just not about doing new can also be doing old things smartly. This can really make a huge difference in your social media marketing campaign. 
2) Target Clarity: In any marketing activity, it is very …

Four Tips to Establish Effective Blog

In social media, blogging has its own significance. The availability of free blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress has really encouraged online marketers to take their brands to target customers through effective blogging. But blogging is not just about content, it's more than that. The real strength of effective blogging lies in its ability to reach out to target visitors. Hence, online visibility becomes very much crucial. However, we cannot ignore the significance of content in this whole discussion. 
Now, let's look at some of the tips that  can help you establish stable and strong blog.
1) Develop Relevant Content: Content is one of the major factors that can add value to your blogging efforts. Delivering right and relevant content to your target visitors becomes your highest responsibility. It is the content that helps you develop readers' loyalty, resulting in strong reader base.If you have the relevant content on your blog, readers will definitely like it. This …

Four Tips to Innovate in Social Media Marketing

I have been regularly talking about the significance of social media in today's marketing landscape. Now, it's time to shift focus towards the idea of innovation. No doubt, social media marketing has provided marketers with ample of lead generation opportunities through several platforms, however, there's a danger of strategy repetition.  And this repetition can cause fatal execution havoc, resulting in marketing malfunctioning. Therefore, innovation becomes key towards success in social media marketing. 
Here' re four important tips to innovate in social media marketing.
1) Value Customer Feedback: Ability to connect with customers in real-time makes social media marketing not only exciting, but interesting. This ability enables businesses to alter their marketing strategies to make them efficient and successful, paving the scope for innovation. However, it becomes critical for marketers to keep regular track of these interactions, and respect customer sentiments. If ma…

It's 'P' for Patience in Social Media Marketing

Although speed is the biggest attribute of social media, the latter has taught modern marketers to be very patient with the outcome of their marketing activities. This patience has taught modern marketers to be very creative and innovative with their strategies to approach their target customers.
Social media marketing is not about automation or numbers, it's more about human, and personalizing your branding process. In such scenario, it becomes very critical for marketers to navigate carefully through their marketing strategies and activities. Marketing planning and execution becomes very important. 
For today's businesses, the center of marketing strategies has changed. Social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have emerged as the popular and successful platforms for business users.What makes social media marketing different from traditional marketing is it's ability to engage customers on a regular basis.And this regularity is always marked with marketers'…

Social Media: Making Marketing Communication Better

Communication is the essence of marketing. Be it offline or online, delivering accurate branding message becomes the critical responsibility of marketing department of any organization. Over the years, organizations are making effective use of newspapers, TV, and radio to market their products across their customers. Now, with the emergence of social media, organizations have found one more effective way to deliver accurate branding message.
Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have once again signified the importance of precise content delivery for better marketing communications. The ability to get connect with customers in real-time has provided marketers with a chance to make their marketing communications successful and result-oriented. 
There are several factors that enhance the importance of social media platforms in delivering successful marketing communications...these are:
1) Real-time engagement 2) Increased business opportunities 3) Real-time content delivery 4) Abili…