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Social Media Marketing: Using Content Syndication

Content syndication is one of the crucial elements of social media marketing. If online marketers are looking to create stable and powerful buzz around their brand then, content syndication is a much-needed activity for them. Content syndication enables marketers to create viral effect for their company, resulting in improved lead generation process in return.
There are several ways in which online marketers can syndicate their content. These include:
a) Article Marketing b) Social bookmarking c) Blogging d) Video marketing e) Podcast f) Webcast g) Social media platforms h) RSS feeds
Today, online marketers have access to numerous free and paid resources to promote their brand on the Internet. This access has enabled them to create, and publish, and re-publish their content on several platforms. Social media marketing is all about content marketing...and effective and efficient content syndication really paves the way for stable and successful social media marketing strategy.


Social Media and Lead Generation: Four Useful Tips

Social media marketing has provided marketers with an additional opportunity of lead generation. Apart from a bunch of online marketing techniques, online marketers can now have increased chances to reach out to their target audience with helpful social media platforms. Online marketers can now look beyond traditional Internet marketing strategies to make their branding process unique and innovative. Here are some useful tips that can help marketers to get that extra boost from social media platforms for their lead generation efforts.
1) Have Dialogue: Effective communication is the core of social media marketing. It has enabled marketers to take a shift from monologue to dialogue in their advertising and branding process. This shift has provided them with much-needed communication process which is usually absent from mundane TV, radio or print advertisements. Social media marketing is all about human, hence, it is very much essential to engage your target audience with personalized an…

Importance of Social Media Dashboards

Ability to optimize marketing efforts makes a big difference for any organization or individual marketer. The emergence of social media marketing has allowed marketers to feature their brand on multiple platforms. However, the significance lies in capability to measure and analyze performance of individual platforms to meet the organizational goals. To do that, marketers need powerful and useful dashboards that can allow them to keep track of these platforms at one place. This is where social media dashboards come into place. 
Today, we have several important social media dashboard, enabling marketers to optimize their social media marketing efforts. These dashboards include:
Hootsuite CoTweet TweetDeck Threadsy
These social media dashboards have not only provided the marketers with optimization capability, but have also enabled to keep track, and measure their optimization capabilities. While enabling marketers to keep track of their several social media platforms through one place, these …