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Submission Marketing: Impacting social media strategy

If you are planning to implement a strong social media strategy in place, there's one important factor that you would like to re-visit again and again. Yes, submission marketing. Not only from the SEO perspective, submission marketing has become very much important in the social media optimization (SMO) also.

We all know that backlinking has immense importance in SEO activities. The process is very much important to enhance your search engine visibility, enabling you to increase your online presence.

With the emergence of social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, web URL submission has taken a front seat in the social media marketing. Each of these sites has different concept and different way of sharing content.

Submitting target specific content becomes key factor in the submission marketing. Sharing target oriented content makes it easier for your audience to find you on this world wide web. And this is where the success of your submission marketing lies.


Twitter Followers: Quality or Quantity

The intensity of your Twitter experience largely depends on the number of followers you have. If the number is big then certainly, you have a reason to celebrate. I have seen Twitter profiles with thousands of followers, regardless of topical interest or personal interest.

My basic question my important message being spread out to the right people? Or am I getting good responses for my tweets or message in this followers' crowd?

For me, the idea is to reach out to target audience, even in small numbers, with precise business message. So what is more important quantity of Twitter followers or quality of Twitter followers? I am very much sure that most of the readers won't buy this idea; however, i will still continue with my statement.

This debate really needs broader attention. And I will appreciate if you can really take this conversation ahead through your valuable comments.

So I will await your comments here...and will talk about it in my upcoming blog posts.

The key aspects of webinar marketing

Social media marketing has enhanced the overall value of presentation. And hence, webinar marketing has become one of the effective ways of online marketing. But what it really takes to create a successful webinar campaign...apart from effective presentation what else is required...

Let us talk about those important aspects that can really make your webinar marketing a successful one...

1) Choose Right Topic: Choosing a right subject for your webinar marketing becomes very crucial. Hitting hard on the latest trends, industry concerns, and useful tips will always help you gain maximum exposure in front of the domain audience.

2) Identify Right Target Audience: Identifying right target audience would be the basis for effective webinar marketing. Reaching out to people who really does matter to you with right subject will ensure a great success for your webinar.

3) Find Right Marketing Platforms: Once you have right subject in place, you know who your target audience is, the next step…

A guide to LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn: An Overview

If you want to establish and expand your online presence, then there is no better tool than LinkedIn. With more than 75 million users, LinkedIn is by far the best and largest social media network available in the market.

Getting Started:

Let us go through some important tips that can help you get started with LinkedIn and use it effectively.

a) Create a LinkedIn account: Alike other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to create your free account. You can add your interests, website links, picture, and Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile. Once started, you can start connecting and interacting with other LinkedIn members.

b) Add connections to your LinkedIn account: Once on LinkedIn, you can find various ways to add connections to your account. There are multiple ways in which you can add connections to your account. You can directly import your contact list from your Yahoo! account, Gmail account or Outlook Express account to …

Understanding Email Marketing for your Business

An email has the capacity to create hundreds of potential leads for your business. But it takes several efficient and effective efforts to create that single email. That's what email marketing is all about. Success of any email marketing activity largely depends on how seriously you consider its importance for your business. From building your own subscribers' list to blasting an email to them takes lots of efforts. Here are some useful tips that can help you build your own successful email marketing campaign.

a) Build authentic and genuine list of subscribers: The biggest and toughest challenge for any email marketer is to build authentic emailing subscribers' list. No matter how difficult task it is, it is very much essential to have an authentic mailing list. This really helps in getting maximum outcome from your emailing campaigns.

b) Data segmentation: This becomes very much important if you have separate emailing campaigns for different verticals, products. A proper …

Social Media Marketing: How to Connect with Right People

Connecting with the right people is the basis of any social media marketing activity. However, the challenge is to find right people to connect with. I have been writing several tips, trends, and insights that can really add value to your social media marketing efforts. Today, I am going to write on how to find right people to boost your social media presence. Here are some useful ways to get connected to your right target audience...

1) Effective use of keywords: Be it on any platform, a strong use of effective keywords will help you find latest trends, and topics from your domain. This will result in finding key and influential people in your domain. Make sure you search for right keywords in search engines, and be sure of great success in connecting with right people.

2) Be a good listener: Social media marketing is all about conversations, hence, it is very much essential to be in informative and interactive conversation with your target audience. This will allow you project your …

Four Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use LinkedIn for Effective Marketing

Small businesses are often fall short of extensive marketing efforts due to several reasons, such as lack of manpower, spending capabilities, and lack of technical know-how. This is where social media marketing really plays a big role for such small businesses. However, the key is to find right social media platform to gain maximum benefits. And for me, LinkedIn is the answer.

LinkedIn, no doubt, is the best business networking site available today. But what really makes LinkedIn special for small businesses, let's find out. Today, I am going to share some key reasons that can really add value to the marketing efforts of small businesses through LinkedIn. Here we go...

1) Expanded Network: What really pushes small businesses back in their marketing efforts is the lack of ability to connect with expanded network of people. This is because financial constraints and lack of manpower. However, networking is the basis of any marketing activity, and no business can ran effectively with…

Using social media...some tips!

Today, I was reading one HubSpot blog -- Learning From Kenneth Cole’s Social Media Mistake on how a single tweet can create negative impact. This prompted me to share some tips on how to use social media.

We all know that the 'Viral' effect is the decisive factor in social media, however, if it goes against you then it might be worst for you. Here are some useful tips on how to effectively use social media for positive outcome.

1) Respect Popular Sentiments: Social media is all about respecting popular sentiments across all platforms. You really cannot go away from the ongoing momentum of social media. You have to respect your users, and their views. The more alert you are, the more will be good for you. Apart from this alertness, you should never comment on anything that can lead to create negative feedback. You have to be responsible enough while using any idea, concept to share with others.

2) Be Interactive: It's very easy to be on social media platforms. There are l…

Five important tips to use social bookmarking

From creating a lens to stumbling your favorite web pages, social bookmarking has really added a new flavor overall social media are some useful tips to gain maximum benefits from your social bookmarking activities...

1) Use of appropriate meta tags: To make your social bookmarking effective, you have to choose right meta tags. Use of right keywords, title, and description will make it easier for others to find it on social bookmarking platforms. This will also enable your favorite web pages gaining good visibility in search engine results.

2) Find appropriate social bookmarking sites: Although there are several bookmarking sites available today, it is advisable to choose right social bookmarking site. This will allow you to concentrate your efforts in the right place to gain enhanced results. Before choosing your site, make sure that your target audience is available and active on that platform.

3) Use analytics to measure your performance: No social media activity…

LinkedIn Signal -- For better keyword search

The all new LinkedIn Signal is really looking exciting and helpful. It will not only streamline the searching ability for users, but will also add value to their overall presence on this platform.

For me, it comes with enhanced opportunity to find right people, right news, and instant updates on keywords (topics) that really matter to me. I really wish to congratulate LinkedIn for this wonderful development.

Moving ahead, I will be sharing more about this new feature.

Till then, stay connected!!!

The importance of using Twitter Search

A tool for everyone who loves to be on Twitter, Twitter Search really plays an important role in enhancing your Twitter performance. For any user on Twitter, it becomes very essential to understand and know what kind of conversations are happening in their verticals. It is always good to build community by participating in ongoing communications rather starting new topics.

Twitter is all about building your own community, and providing quality feedback on important topics that really matter to you, and your vertical. To find recent updates in your vertical, Twitter Search is the best way. With right keywords, and key phrases, you will really able to built your own community by participating in ongoing discussions.

You will also be able to find key players in your domain to follow. This will provide you with an opportunity to increase your following. You can primarily use Twitter Search --

1) To build your own community
2) To find hot topics and discussions
3) To find key players in …

Social media marketing and You!

I have been interacting with several social media professionals to get their opinion on what they think about social media. For me, social media is an innovative invention that we have ever seen. Although my opinion has met with a mixed response from these professional; however, I am very much convince with this definition of social media.

For each of us, social media has something to offer. From user to user, vertical to vertical, it keeps on changing its utility and importance. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace have provided users with several benefits for individual as well as for business use.

Social media marketing is very much different from the traditional marketing. Social media marketing is all about communication. Although people believe that communications is also a major part of traditional marketing, but social media has underlined the importance of communications like never before.

If you want to make maximum use of your social media marketing ca…