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How to advertise on social media sites?

Social media sites have really added a different flavor to advertising in this Internet-driven age. On one side businesses are using 'cloud' to enhance their profitability, and on the other are using social media to increase their visibility.

The promotion on social media can be segmented into two parts - paid and unpaid. We all know social media does provide 'like never before' experience to its users as far as connecting and interacting with audience is concerned. Although some companies are using unpaid methods to approach their audience, some are opting for paid advertisements to make it possible.

In my earlier post, I have already shared some basic concepts of advertising on social media. Now moving ahead, let us talk about some tips how to have effective advertising on social media in terms of display.

1) Use right picture: Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to display a picture with their advertisement. Make sure you are using right picture that can be easil…

Experiment and innovate with social marketing

Yes, we have been talking a lot about benefits and advantages that social marketing offers to its users. An ability to connect with target audience in real time is the focal point of social media marketing.

But what really makes social marketing unique and exciting is its ability to experiment and innovate with ideas. This ability becomes much more useful while targeting your audience on various platforms. As different social media platform applies different criteria for connections and information sharing, it allows the user to try different variations for the same. This enables the user to really measure what is working for him and what is not.

Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn allow user to promote products and services to the specific target audience with a chance to alter the advertising message. This enables the user to identify the potential leads, and even the pain points to modify the campaign accordingly.

With such abilities and freedom, the user really can in…

Using URL shorteners in social media

Linking sharing is the prime objective for any social media campaign. However, it may become difficult for a company share his website link on platforms like Twitter that offers a limit of 140 characters. In such scenario, that company can use URL shortening services to share their lengthy web links on these platforms.

We have various service providers are in the market that offer URL shortening services to the individual users and the companies. To name a few, tinyurl,, and

Today, I will share three important advantages URL shortening offers to its users during their social media campaigns.

1) Easy sharing across multiple platforms: Irrespective of length of your link, URL shortening makes it easy for the users to share the link across all platforms. This makes it easier for the user to use as much as content along with the link to deliver right message to the target audience. The content becomes more visible, and can be used in the form of small ad…

How to set goals for social media campaign?

To measure Return on Investment (ROI) and set up business goals are the two major tasks that any online or social marketer has to perform during social media campaigns. It is very essential in any form of marketing to predefine goals to achieve in a definite time span. This makes it easier for any online marketer to measure ROI for the marketing campaign. Social media differs in every aspect compared to traditional form of marketing when it comes to reaching out to target audience. Therefore, one cannot exposed to social media marketing with traditional mind set. Then, how one can set up goals for social media marketing to measure it. Today, we will talk about some useful tips that can help you establish business goals for your social media campaign.

1) Understand your product and customers: I have often seen marketers rushing out to various social platforms to market their product without understanding the its product, and its benefits to the customers. It is very essential for any m…

How to use blogs for social marketing?

To fulfill the demand for extended social presence, individual users and organizations are in search of new mediums to spread word about their expertise, products and services. And blog posts have become a handy tool for them to take their services to their target audience. Internal blogs (website blogs) and external blog platforms (Blogspot and WordPress) have provided them with ample opportunities to reach out to target audience.

Majority of the businesses have embedded blog platform with their company website, and if not, companies are using external platforms to write updates, and share them with their customers. This allows businesses to keep their audience updated in real time, serving the purpose of customer relationship management. Businesses can also use their blog comments to measure their market condition or product performance. Additionally, measuring the blog performance (through analytics) can help them find what's working and what's not working for them. Based …

How to use social media for CRM?

Over the years, businesses have been utilizing various tools, and are investing lots of money on their customer relationship management (CRM) process. Today, the market is flooded with various software and tools that allow businesses to influentially connect with their customers for taking feedback on their products and services.

Now, businesses do not have to spend even a penny on this critical CRM process, as it can be done effectively and "freely" through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. An ability to connect with their customers in real time has allowed businesses to effectively manage their CRM process.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow businesses to tap the customer feedback on their products and services instantly. By joining the ongoing conversations about their offerings, businesses can offer suitable solutions to their customer queries quickly, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

The biggest advantage of usi…

Advertising and social media marketing

Advertising has been the biggest source for marketers to influence target audience in any form of media. From print to online, and mobile to social media, the concept of advertising has undergone tremendous transformation. Today, we're going to talk about the role of advertising in social media.

Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn has really changed the way people are advertising online. With complete control over advertising, these platforms allow marketers to measure their ad performance in every possible way. Although these platforms vary in their approach and delivery towards advertisements, they provide marketers with an influential tool to recognize the potential of their ad on daily basis. I will put down some key features below to make this more precise and simple.

1) Complete control over expenditure
2) Freedom to modify advertisement based on the performance
3) Effective report generation capability
4) Ability to drive traffic to the website, and
5) Create …

Using article marketing to boost social presence

For any social media activity, the key is to drive traffic to the business website. Businesses around the world are using various social platforms to achieve their targeted website traffic. Over a period of time now, article marketing has become one of the crucial elements of online marketing to enhance social presence. Business and individual users are using ezine directories to market their expertise and services on the globe.

With attractive presence in the search engine results, ezine directories like and have become very much popular with online marketers. With the use of quality content and dedicated keywords, it has become easier for these online marketers to enhance their online visibility with the help of these ezines.

The biggest advantage of this article marketing is that it allows marketers to communicate with larger audience at no cost, i.e. absolutely free. This is adding value to the popularity of the ezine directories. The content can…

The importance of profile picture on social platforms

I have often seen lots of users using fake username and profile picture for their various social accounts. And I think this is the worst thing one can do with their social presence. Having your own picture as your profile picture on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn makes easier for other users to connect with you. This makes sure that the user is real and authentic.

Nowadays, social media users have become very conscious about their network due to increasing phishing attacks. Therefore, they are connecting with users to whom they can identify as human and real person.

In any social media presence, your connections and network are your real asset. The number of fans, followers, and connections determine your 'social' value. Besides, there's a common tendency amongst these social users about getting connected with people who already have good network. It would be suicidal for any social media user to adopt such measures, as it may hamper his/her future prospects.

Yes, social marketing is communications marketing

I have been discussing this topic with various people who are active on social media platforms. And, interestingly, half of them answered 'no' to my question -- is social marketing is communications marketing?. They believed that communications is very much important in any form of media, and social media is no 'special' exception to this.

But I do believe that social marketing is all about communications marketing, and I am writing this post to support my thought on this topic.

I do agree that communications is critical to any media; however, the emergence of social media has taken importance of communications to the another level. Social media marketing starts with communications and ends with communications. I will mention some brief points below to support this statement.

1) The success of social media is depend only and only on how you communicate with you target audience. Every social platform has its own way of functioning and presenting, and we, as social marke…

How to create attractive website?

We've been talking a lot about usefulness of social media marketing for businesses. But social media conversations are to be considered as a secondary form of communication between business and its target audience. The first and foremost source of communication between company and its audience is the company website. The basic objective of any social media campaign should be to derive traffic to the company website to generate leads. Success of any website is largely measures on the basis of analytics and its lead generation capacity. Today, almost every business has its website through which it communicates with the outer world. But what it takes to create an attractive and successful website that can lead to ample business opportunities.

Shifting little bit away from our social media focus, today, we will be taking about how to create an attractive and successful website. Here are some useful tips...

1) Attractive content: Content is the most critical part of website creation. …