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What makes social media exciting: A LinkedIn poll

What makes social media exciting and appealing? This topic is really not getting out of my mind. I have initiated a LinkedIn poll ( to find answer to this critical question.

I am very much sure that my fellow LinkedIn members won’t disappoint me, and will help me in my exploration.

Moving ahead, I will be touching upon subjects that can really change the outlook of marketers and innovators towards this happening medium.

Till then, keep in touch!

What makes social media exciting?

Very interesting topic to debate!

Today, I had a chance to share this debate with one of my LinkedIn group members. So far, I have not received any feedback; however, I am very positive about the outcome.

Really, what makes this social media so exciting and appealing? Its simplicity, reach or ability to experiment?

I guess the answer would be the combination of these all ingredients. Yes, it is very simple to use and understand; however, needs dedication. Of course, it has immense reach to cover entire global audience, and most importantly, it allows you to experiment with your ideas to get maximum output.

But if we have to choose only one from this features' list, then what it can be?

For me, it would be its ability to experiment. For any individual user, or business user, it is very essential to measure activity performance. And social media does that. Not only you can measure your activities, you can discontinue with them anytime and start afresh. This is the real magic of social…

Five Simple Ways to Use LinkedIn

If you want to establish and expand your online presence, then there is no better tool than LinkedIn. With more than 75 million users, LinkedIn is by far the best and largest social media network available in the market.

Today, I am gonna discuss some important tips that can help you get started with LinkedIn and use it effectively.

1) Create a LinkedIn account: Alike other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to create your free account. You can add your interests, website links, picture, and Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile. Once started, you can start connecting and interacting with other LinkedIn members.

2) Add connections to your LinkedIn account: Once on LinkedIn, you can find various ways to add connections to your account. There are multiple ways in which you can add connections to your account. You can directly import your contact list from your Yahoo! account, Gmail account or Outlook Express account to get new connections. Or you can…

Content and Social Media

Content, as a concept or functionality, has seen the tremendous transformation in the last decade. The emergence of social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, has forced people to change their perspective toward the basic existence of content.

By limiting the content delivery in character limit, platforms like Twitter compelled the users to be innovative and precise with their content delivery. Nowadays, especially organizations, are hiring 'consultants' to manage their Twitter accounts on their behalf. This proves that along with individual users, businesses, too, need experts to stay connected and updated on these social media platforms with precise content delivery.

This 140 character limit of Twitter has made it possible for users like me to cover thousands of miles and get connected with like-minded people from US and UK. This is the magic and power of precise and accurate content.

This social media 'limit' will allow content to cover people, touch subjec…

Fans, Followers and Connections!

A decade ago, nobody would have though that these three generic terms might occupy the utmost importance in the marketing strategy of big corporate. But in this 21st century, the social media has made it possible. Now, any company, irrespective of its size, has to consider Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as an integral part of its marketing and branding strategy.

As social media is growing by leaps and bounds every second globally, every company, individual want to be a pat of this momentum. With around 500 million users, and 700 posts every second, Facebook has become a hub for everyone’s social media activity. On the other side, Twitter is hitting hard with its 600 posts per second. However, Facebook appeals more as it is more personalized than Twitter.

LinkedIn with around 75 million professionals worldwide is the most prominent business-networking platform. It not only provides you with the facility to connect but also offers opportunities to discuss various topics on the larger pl…