Facebook Fan Page and Linked Groups: The Significance for Marketers

Facebook's yesterday's announcement of making Groups for Pages available around the world really holds a great significance for marketers. There are over 70M Pages on Facebook and this development will change the how fans interact with the brands on Facebook. Now Page owners have the capability to create their own linked and dedicated groups to encourage community building and stable conversation mechanism.

As pointed out by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, "more than 100 million people on Facebook are members of what we call "very meaningful" groups." This makes the groups feature one of the significant and popular features of Facebook. This also encourages the platform to make constant improvements to this popular feature. And this development proves it all.

Last month, Facebook also announced some significant improvements to the Groups. From Group insights to Membership request filtering and Removed member clean up to scheduled posting, all these improveme…

Three Ways to Create Quality Content

When it comes content, sometimes, it becomes hard to explain the “quality”. There could be different understandings for brands and the customers when we talk about quality. Hence, sometimes, it becomes difficult to strike a balance to attain that much-needed quality. To quote, Doug Kessler, co-founder of Velocity: “Quality content resonates with its audience. If it doesn’t do that, it may be smart or beautiful or funny, but it ain’t quality.” And I completely agree to what Doug says. The quality of the content should depend on how users interact and respond to it.
There are different aspects associated with the content quality. For example, what value it gives to the users, is it addressing buyers’ concerns or not and the list continues. While agreeing to all the above mentioned points, it really seems difficult challenge for the marketers to achieve that quality on regular basis. And besides what suits to one person may not be the ideal for other.
Here are some useful tips to creat…

Landing Page: Five Important Tips


Social Media & Customer Service

How do you really define customer service?

Or how can a brand be successful with customer service?

When customers buy or intend to buy, there are lot of factors that affect their decision. Apart from the price and availability, the customers would also be interested to know how the brand will reciprocate their queries or issues and how will the brand reward their loyalty. The answers to these questions largely depend on how type of customer service the brand delivers. Traditionally, brands have been investing huge in introducing newer versions of their customer service. From telecallers to online chat, these ways aim at addressing customers' issues in shortest possible time. 
In recent times, social media has emerged the preferred destination for delivering efficient customer service. Especially, platforms like Facebook has become the effective medium to drive valuable customer service. Tools like Facebook Messenger and Chatbot have taken the customer service to the next level.


Content Repurposing: The Strategy


Content Repurposing: The Benefits